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Unicode-related problems with Cyrillic:
MS Word;  Printing from Word;       Copy/Paste;  Cyrillic .TXT and Word

First two problems are related to the use of old, non-Unicode fonts in MS Word and Unicode-related printing problems, while second pair of problems has a different nature, so you'll find below two separate chapters:

Chapter 1.   MS Word: boxes on screen;   Printing from Word: gibberish instead of Cyrillic

Just 'squares', boxes instead of Russian letters on screen and/or while printing; strange symbols instead of Cyrillic while printing

Chapter 2.   Copy/Paste problems;   Word: Cyrillic plain text (.TXT) problems

No 'squares', but still no readable Cyrillic or just question marks (????) during Copy/Paste between applications or while working with Cyrillic plain text files (.TXT) in MS Word.

Paul Gorodyansky. 'Cyrillic (Russian): instructions for Windows and Internet'