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Questions and Answers; links to other Cyrillization instructions

This section has a Q&A part at the beginning and then offers links for subjects that are not discussed on my site.
For example, I wrote only about an MS Windows environment and this section will provide links for Cyrillic (Russian) under Mac or Unix, etc.
I write mostly about Russian and this page provides links to say Ukrainian or Bulgarian keyboard instructions.

Also, even under MS Windows some program may require its own tune-up for Russian and while I mostly explained:

other programs, for instance, a graphical software or some other specialty software (which I personally never saw - one person can not know all programs) can fall into one of the following 2 categories:
  1. A program does not work with Cyrillic (Russian) at all.

    Example 1. I don't have AOL software but I know that it is just NOT possible to use Russian in e-mail there.
    (but as far as I know, it's possible to use another browser/e-mail program while using AOL as ISP - see links in the table below)

    Example 2. At my previous job a corporate e-mail system was a U.S. version of the famous "Lotus cc:Mail" software and there was no way to have Russian text in an e-mail letter there

  2. A program requires a very special, unique tune-up for Russian
    (very different from, say, Netscape or MS IE tune-up)
    and I personally do not know about such tune-up.

That is, if your Cyrillic-related question is not answered in my own explanations, it means that I just do not know the answer - I placed on my page all information that I have.

In such case I would suggest to do the following:

  1. you should check links to other people's pages listed below
  2. read or search corresponding Newsgroups (Discussions, Forums) listed below

Here is a summary of what is covered and what is not in my own explanations and instructions:

Here is the table with links regarding the subjects that I don't know about.
If you go to a page devoted to some program and don't find what you need, you can always ask an author of the page, for instance, by e-mail.
It is better than asking me about it: I don't have the information and the author does.



'Cyrillic for UNIX, PC, and Mac'

"F&P", USA

'Russify Everything'

"SovInformBureau", USA

Learn all about Russia: its history, culture and language.
RusLang has an extensive language learning section
with lessons, exercises and tests, as well as
general information about Russia - its population and
geography, subway maps and a photo gallery

RusLang team
'Useful Cyrillic fonts for Adobe Photoshop'
Work both in regular Windows aplications and in Photoshop!

D.Zdorov, USA
'Cyrillic Test Pages for all encodings:'
Win, Unix, DOS, Mac, Unicode, ...
D.Zdorov, USA

Russian in Forte Agent 1.6
Russian in Forte Agent 1.5

K.Kazarnovsky, Russia
T.Kadyshev, Russia

'Russian in Eudora'

LvNet-Teleport, Latvia
'KOI8-R plug-in for Eudora' (in Russian) E.Surovegin, Russia

Dictionary and Proofing Tools (Spelling, Grammar)

Informatic, Russia
Office 2002/2003 Proofing Tools (Spelling, Grammar) Microsoft
Office 2000 Proofing Tools (Spelling, Grammar) Microsoft

I don't use ICQ, but have some links for Cyrillic in ICQ:
  1. "ICQ and Russian"
    and its tune-up sub-page:
    "Russian font" (in Russian)
  2. "Mirabilis: ICQ and Russian"

I don't use IRC, but have some links for Cyrillic in IRC:
  1. "Russian in IRC"

As I heard (I don't have AOL), AOL browser
does not work fully with Cyrillic.
But AOL allows to use another browser instead
and I have some links with the instructions:
  1. "Netscape & America Online"

  2. "Using America Online 3.0 and
    Netscape together"


'UNICON PRO Cyrillic Converter'

'Russian America, USA

(encoding and transliteration conversions)

J.Tonn, USA

Russian text editor Otpad

I.Sidorenkov, Russia

"RussianEditor" - Notepad like editor
with added on-screen Russian keyboard

Rendaxa Software, Norway

'Russian in Adobe products'
Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign

S.Tokarev, Russia

'Russian in Photoshop"
it's chapter 5.3 of "Windows XP FAQ"

"Windows XP FAQ", Russia

'Teaching and Learning Russian'

R.Potapov, UK

Cyrillic VGA fonts for MS DOS

provided by S.Keesan, USA

'Russification of Macintosh'

M.Palchuk, USA

'Macintosh Cyrillic'


Ukrainian phonetic keyboard

G.Primak, Canada



'Ukrainian in software, part 1'

'Ukrainian in software, part 2'


'Bulgarian under Windows'
Mirror in the U.S.  

G. Atanasov, Bulgaria

Professionally designed CP-1251 fonts
Include Chess font - for chess literature and
Language & Decorate Styles Fonts
for advertisements, booklets publishers, etc.

Dr. L.Madorsky, Australia

"TYPO. Your Guide to Central European Typography"

F.Blazek, Czech Republic

Russian Translation and Localization Services
Translation and localization services in all major areas
between Russian and English.


Accurate English to Russian Translation UK
Accurate English to Russian translation service
by native, specialist Russian translators
for businesses and individuals.
Competitive rates, custom packages, friendly service,
based in the UK.

A. Bowman, UK

Literary magazine for Russian-speaking children in the US:
"Malenkaya Kompaniya" (ISSN 1933-6020)
Encourages young kids and teens to read, both in Russian
and English, and helps families that are interested
in keeping the heritage language.

New York, USA

Spanish Translations


Translation agency in Delhi:
RUSLINGO offers translations into Russian, Spanish, Chinese etc.
They specialize in technical translations in Oil and gas,
IT, telecom and medical fields.


If you did not find an answer for your Cyrillic question neither on my page, nor on the pages listed above, then see below a list of the following Russian-language Newsgroups (Discussion groups, Forums) where you can find an answer or ask your question.

  1. Free News server of Microsoft Corp.:

  2. Russian Newsgroups (Forums) Relcom.* and Fido7.*


Note. Some of the Newsgroups may not be available on the News server of your Internet Service Provider. In such case you can use a free News service provided by Talk.ru, where you can read a Newsgroup (Forum) or post your question there.