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Section "Typing Russian (with system keyboard tools" of this site explains how to tune-up Windows to start using as "RU" not a standard Russian keyboard layout, but so called phonetic (homophonic) layout:
the Russian letters are located where the closest English letters are - A-, F-, O-, ...

This page provides images of phonetic Russian keyboard layouts offered for download on this site (thus a user can print an image s/he chooses and use the printout as a reference).

These images show the layout when Shift button is pressed on the keyboard.

1. This variant of Phonetic Russian layout is usually called "YaWert" (), because Russian '' is assigned to 'W':

YaWert Phonetic Russian keyboard layout

Symbol 'number' - - that a Standard Russian layout has, can be obtained on Phonetic layout, too - via a combination of buttons: Ctrl/Alt/5.
Symbol currency Euro - via a combination of buttons Ctrl/Alt/E.

2. This variant of Phonetic Russian layout is usually called "YaZHert" (), because Russian '' is assigned to 'W'.
It differs from the previous one only by assignments for Russian letters '' and '':

YaZHert Phonetic Russian keyboard layout

3. This Phonetic Russian layout is called "Student"
(was designed at AATSEEL) and is a variation of "YaSHert" (), because Russian '' is assigned to 'W':

Student - Phonetic Russian keyboard layout

This Phonetic Russian layout is called "yaWert2" (was offered on the popular in 90s SovInformBureau site by V.Maslov)

YaWert2 Phonetic Russian keyboard layout

Note. All these Phonetic Russian layouts (as well as Standard one) are also available on my Virtual Keyboard page, that is, without system tune-up. That Virtual, on-line Keyboard lets you type Russian using your physical keyboard (though mouse-based input also works):

Virtual Cyrillic Keyboard:   http://WinRus.com/keyboard.htm (or shorter alias: TypeRus.com)

My phonetic layouts (that is, variants of positioning Russian letters on the keyboard) has the following characteristics (I am talking about first two where it's my own placement of letters and symbols; 3rd one, "AATSEEL Student" is not mine, just a popular one, so I decided to provide its support in new versions of MS Windows):

Note. There are also two phonetic Russian layouts for national keyboards - German and Italian:

for German:

for Italian:

Made by an Italian student who studies Russian. He made it based on my Student variant:
"marillo" wrote about his "Russo fonetico su Italiano (142)":

on italian keyboard we have all vocals with accent, like a', e', i', o' and u', so I put all vocals out of kbd (, , , , ) on them, so , I put on q and j, while and on "w" and "b" + AltGr"

Download: italian.zip

Paul Gorodyansky. 'Cyrillic (Russian): instructions for Windows and Internet'