Test for UTF-8:   Japanese, German, Russian, Polish
(including form input and form elements such as selection list)

                  Ä ä Ü ü ß

                  Я Б Г Д Ж Й

                  Ł Ą Ż Ę Ć Ń Ś Ź


                 Kanji:  てすと   (te-su-to)
                 Hankaku:  アイウエオカキクケコサシスセソタチツテ
                 Romanj digits:  0123456789
                 Romanj lowercase:  abcdefghi
                 Romanj uppercase:  ABCDEFGHI

HTML form
UTF-8 letters in input area, in selection list, on buttons

    Input line:     
    (type national text or copy it from the above)

    Selection Menu:


This form has ...method=GET for Submit - to show you what Hex values (byte values representing the letters typed) are submitted as an URL-encoded string displayed in the Address bar after you hit "Submit".

I have a reference table that contains the byte values of some test national strings for various encodings (see UTF-8 data there to check this UTF-8 test page Submit results), you may want to open it in another window to see both your Submit results and the reference table:
  "Byte (Hex) values for testing".

Paul Gorodyansky