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Internet Explorer: gibberish on display while typing Russian

A user types Russian in a text input area of a Web page but something like this appears on the screen as a result:

38B5 G09=8:C
Usually it happens when some ill-behaving plug-in (add-on, extension) is attached to Internet Explorer.
You need to uninstall, remove this program/plug-in:
  1. either via its own Uninstall mode in Start/Programs/<that program>

  2. if the program does not have such mode, then uninstall it via Control Panel - Add/Remove Programs

  3. or remove it with the help of special utilities that find and remove such "spy-ware" and/or "ad-ware".
    Such utilities are often called "anti-spy software", for example, here is one very good and widely known utility of that kind:

    But remember, such helpful utilities are searching only for 'bad' programs/plagins and would never find/expose a normal program such as say Google Toolbar listed below.
    That is, if an anti-spy utility does not help, then revisit items (1) and (2) above.

Here is a list (which I update if a new one is found) of such 'bad' programs/plug-ins that I gathered while browsing Newsgrouops and forums
(for some there are links to Russian-language forums where I found the information, so if you know Russian you may want to read that. Otherwise just believe me and remove a plug-in if you have one from the list):

If none of the above are present or removing them does not solve the problem, then try the following:

Paul Gorodyansky. 'Cyrillic (Russian): instructions for Windows and Internet'