links Internationalization and Localization related sites

Internationalization / Localization    (by W3C)

HTML: Notes on Internationalization    (by Alan J. Flavell)

"A tutorial on character code issues"
    "Using national and special characters in HTML"
   (by Jukka Korpela)

Open Directory: Globalization

Netscape Internationalization Secrets    (by Frank Tang, Netscape Corp.)

Silicon Valley Localization Forum    (by TGP Consulting)
Everything you need to know about Software Internationalization and Localization:
"You have created quite a resource for the tech community, Belle Marino, PointCast"

Localization Kit    (by Netscape Corp.)
This page details the localization kits that are being made publicly available as part of the universal localization program

Localization of HTML    (Rice University)

The ISO 8859 Alphabet Soup    (by Roman Czyborra)

Paul Gorodyansky. 'Cyrillic (Russian): instructions for Windows and Internet'